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'EVE' (Femme)
oil on Canvas
40" x 30" inches

This painting represents the actress/author/producer Celeste Yarnall in one of her acclaimed film roles, the 60's cult movie called 'Eve' directed by Jeremy Summers. 'Eve' was the first female goddess film made for the big screen. The painting forms part of a quartet of images celebrating the iconography defined by Celeste. As a Holistic author and practitoner, Celeste is an eco/spiritual advocate for healing modalities for people and animals. The painting of "Eve' embodies elements that reflect the Quantum Holistic paradigm symbolised by the picture. In the forground at the feet of the actress we can note the bloom of the 'five rescue flowers' (rockrose, star of Bethlahem, impatients, cherry plum & clymetis found in homeopathic protocols. On the tree with the blue morpho butterfly (Eve was fimed in Brazil & Spain), we can note the inscription of FEMME. This alludes to a recent film project by the filmaker Emmanuel Itier called 'Femme - Women Healing The World', featuring Celeste and a host of women from around the world offering profound insights into the shift of consciousness within the male/female dynamics during the transition into an Aquarian epoch. Celeste is also one of the producers of this film which reflects the multi-dimensional talent of her art & humanism.