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    Guest Blogger Nazim Artist Shares the Art that has Inspired his own Art!

    ‘Whistlejacket’ by George Stubbs c. 1762

    (115’ x 97” inches)

    “For years I would make a weekly pilgrimage to the National Gallery in London, just to see the painting ‘Whistlejacket by George Stubbs. This mesmerizing picture registers like a ‘thunderbolt’ to the senses when seen close. The reality of swirling painting and undulating translucent glaze seemed to flow into my sensory blood stream, evoking something deep and visceral.

    I would generally approach the painting from a distance, beyond the gallery itself, as the painting could be seen through the corridor of doors of the other galleries that lead to the British paintings where Stubbs took center stage with other greats such as Turner, Constable and Gainsborough.

    This captivating painting is one of the most sexually charged paintings in art history. Yes its a bold statement, but the years of observation and sudden notice has confirmed for me, that the true essence of this rearing horse, is exactly that. It reveals an animal that has been immortalised in perpetual heat.

    Whilstlejacket was a stallion whose destiny was to procreate. This creative force of nature is profoundly conveyed by the carnal sexual dynamism evident by the fluttering brush strokes that erupt upon the surface texture of the canvas. There is a potent power surge that captivates the viewer as witness to the inflamed mane and penetrating gaze from the eye of the horse. It’s as if the painter arrests one with pure cathartic symbolism in tune to the impulse that serves all of creativity. That volcanic state that compels art to happen.

    The genius of Stubbs lies in how he had a deep insight into the nature of the equine spirit and form of the horses he depicted. Stubbs published his ground breaking book, ‘The Anatomy of the Horse’ in 1766, which revealed for the first time, the inner bio-mechanics of the Stallion.

    The knowledge gained from the eighteen months of intense dissection and drawings, gave Stubbs the most unique understanding of how the horse was constructed and could be revealed though the alchemy of paint. Commissioned by the 2nd Marquess of Rockingham around 1762, to paint the race horse ‘Whistlejacket,’ was described as “a paradigm of the flawless beauty of an Arabian thoroughbred”. Indeed, the painting embodies the energy and thrust of a living being.

    Although I was not fully exploring equine themes in my work in London, it was not until I moved to Southern California (Thousand Oaks) that the horse became part of my emotional geography and I was able to reconnect to my passionate admiration for the art of Stubb’s and his pictures of animals in general.

    When I began to paint horses and create the ‘Power Animal’ cycle of work, inspired by the natural wonders of being in California, the work of this incredible 18th century artist from Liverpool, England was a major influence in my work and continues to be a paragon of the equine form and spirit.” ~ Nazim Artist http://www.NazimArtist.com

    “Only Riding the Horse of Love can you reach beyond the Sun and Moon and behold the perfect one.”

    ~ Rumi

    ‘Love Horse’ by Nazim Artist 2012

    http://www.NazimArtist.com Oil on Canvas with holistic glaze

    Commissions and Murals undertaken, prints with holistic glaze from The Art of Wellness collection available through the website.

    In Nazim’s original paintings, there is a natural, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, GREEN compound of minerals that produces a continuous flow of healthy air anions or negatively charged ions. Anions will clean the air of mold, pollen, fungi, bacteria, odors, etc. These healthy ‘air anions’ will also help improve your concentration and awareness, plus create a feeling of well being. It is like stepping outside after a thunderstorm when the air is so clean and fresh. This is what Nazim’s exclusive glazing technique on the painting will do in your home or office. Each viewer is transformed by these Energized Artworks, both visually and experientially. Contact Nazim for more information: Nazim.Artist@gmail.com



    SUNDAY, MAY 20, 2012

    Celeste Yarnall & Nazim
    The Art of Wellness Part One

    All Photos: Alan Mercer Lighting: Eric V.

    Celeste Yarnall has led a multi-faceted career. She began as a model, spokesperson, and actress fresh out of high school. She was discovered by Rick and Ozzie Nelson while walking past their offices at General Service Studios in Hollywood and appeared in an episode of “Ozzie & Harriet” in 1962. Jerry Lewis personally selected this young beauty casting her as one of the students in "The Nutty Professor." Paramount then cast her in a cameo role in "A New Kind Of Love" with Paul Newman. She also appeared with Jack Lemmon in "Under the Yum Yum Tree."

    In 1964, she became the last elected Miss Rheingold receiving 20,000,000 votes from her fans. She moved from Los Angeles to New York, and traveled all over the Eastern Seaboard making personal appearances, doing television and radio commercials and print ads as the Rheingold Beer spokesperson. Her career as a top print model and television commercial spokesperson sky rocketed.

    Celeste returned to Los Angeles in 1965 to pursue her acting career and has numerous feature films to her credit such as co-starring in "Live a Little, Love a Little" opposite Elvis Presley and playing the beautiful vampire, Diane, in "The Velvet Vampire" for Roger Corman. She starred in cult favorites ‘Eve,’ in which she played Christopher Lee's long lost jungle goddess granddaughter, and "The Beast of Blood" opposite John Ashley and soon became recognized as a popular "scream queen."

    Other notable film appearances include "Bob and Carol, Ted and Alice" and "Around The World Under The Sea" for Ivan Tors Productions. Celeste guest starred on many television shows including "Star Trek" as Yeoman Martha Landon (Chekov's love interest) in "The Apple," "Bonanza," "Hogan’s Heroes,” "It takes a Thief," "Land of the Giants,” "Love American Style,” "The F.B.I.,” "Mannix,” and "Man from Uncle,” "Wild, Wild West,” "Bewitched,” and the "Columbo" pilot, as well as appearing in numerous other productions.

    Celeste was selected as a “Deb Star” at the Hollywood Stars of Tomorrow awards in 1967 and was acclaimed at the Cannes Film Festival as the Foreign Press’s “Most Photogenic Beauty of the Year.” Celeste was also the National Association of Theatre Owners’ “Most Promising New Star” of 1968. Consequently, her lovely face was splashed on magazine covers and newspapers all over the world.

    Having always loved and lived with cats and dogs, in 1993, Celeste embarked on another exciting challenge - to simultaneously write a holistic health care book for cats entitled Cat Care, Naturally - Celeste Yarnall's Complete Guide To Holistic Health Care For Cats (Charles E. Tuttle Publishing)
    as well as breed, raise, and show eleven generations of championship Tonkinese and Oriental Shorthair cats reared on an all natural diet and supplements and the principles outlined in her book. Also in 1998, Celeste earned a Ph.D. in nutrition from Pacific Western University. Her second book, Natural Dog Care, was released in Spring of '98 along with a paperback version of her cat book now entitled Natural Cat Care. Celeste’s latest book, The Complete Guide to Holistic Cat Care was co-written with noted holistic veterinarian and researcher Dr. Jean Hofve, for Quarry Publications, and was the recipient of The Cat Writer’s Association’s Muse Award for 2010. Celeste's books are endorsed by prestigious Zone author, Barry Sears, Ph.D. Dr. Sears provided an essential fatty acid formula for her books for cats and dogs. In 2002, Celeste and her cat, Mimosa, were featured on Animal Planet’s “That’s My Baby” show.

    Celeste’s hobbies include playing the pedal harp and dancing Argentine Tango. She is married to noted British painter, Nazim Artist. For Nazim drawing and painting are the fundamental elements to the realization of his artistic vision, inspired by an array of themes that vary according to the temperament and compulsion to create the artwork. Myth, mysticism and metaphysics resonate within the subject matter,exploring the visual harmonics which the artist may observe or imagine.

    In Nazim's original paintings, there is a natural, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, green compound of minerals that produces a continuous flow of healthy air anions or negatively charged ions. Anions will clean the air of mold, pollen, fungi, bacteria, odors, etc. Anions will also help improve your concentration and awareness plus create a feeling of well being. It is like stepping outside after a thunderstorm when the air is so clean and fresh.

    This is what Nazim's glazing on the painting will do in a room. The viewer is transformed by these Energized Artworks, both visually and experientially. Nazim is available for private/public commissions which will include this new health giving glaze.

    Celeste and Nazim reside in Westlake Village, California, and they travel extensively to speaking engagements, book signings, art shows, autograph shows and conventions, and welcome the opportunity to meet and chat in person.

    CY: There is nothing harder than the world of art. If you think being an actor is hard...try selling a painting! I’ve never faced anything so difficult.

    AM: I know how true that staement is! How do you like being involved in the art world Celeste?

    CY: I want to tell you a bit about the art of wellness which is how we came together. We merged, not just our love, but our passions, which is my holistic paradigm and Nazim’s art paradigm. I had a dream about a new technology in paint and when I woke up I asked Nazim, “What if we created an organic line of paint?” Nazim said paint has been around so long. Da Vinci used paint! Then my friend called who is involved in this technology which involves negative ion particles and nano particles that is used in pain pads for animals and people. I asked him if you could put that in paint and he said of course! You can put these healing particles in paint that send out gas that heals the environment. We got some of these particles and Nazim came up with the idea to put it in the finish glaze. Now every painting you’re looking at has a glaze that is cleaning the air of mold, fungus, bacteria, eliminating odors and giving the environment the kind of effect you get in a rain forest after a thunderstorm.

    NA: So in other words the work is energized. You are not just looking at something you are feeling the work.

    Butterfly Nebula painting by Nazim

    AM: Nazim, did you already have a new age style of thinking when you met Celeste?

    NA: I think the reason we connected was because of all those impulses that resonate in the cosmos.

    AM: How did you meet Celeste?

    NA: We met, in a sense that was the right resonant chord. The frequency was right. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world. You find that frequency and you’re in harmony. It’s like a harp where all the strings have to be aligned. In a way our story is quite magical in that respect.

    AM: So you must believe in magic.

    NA: We both believe in magic as a quantum thing. When you walk into a flower shop you can sense the flowers. So I sensed “my queen.” We’re very much into the sacred feminine and masculine order of things. Once the energy found us and brought us together, the rest is history.

    AM: Were you living in the United States already?

    NA: No I was living in London. There is a privilege to be born in London. To me it’s the capitol of the world. Everyone is there and you have access to culture that is free. Over 250 languages are spoken there. At any given moment you are in transport sitting there with the world. It’s so exciting to be part of that fabric. The essence of London is a global matrix. You can get a sense of anywhere in the world in London. With that comes cuisine, music, art and culture, all the dense layers of sensory awareness. It’s a privilege to experience that.

    CY: Nazim doesn’t have a drop of English blood but I’ve got plenty of it. My forefathers came over on the second Mayflower and the Yarnell family came over from Wooster in the 1500's. When we go to London it feels like our country.

    AM: Where is your family from Nazim?

    NA: My family comes from a little island called Cyprus.

    CY: Which is the land of Aphrodite.

    AM: That’s why you are both connected. You are very Aphrodite Celeste! (laughter)

    CY: Thank you!

    Sandy Koufax panting by Nazim

    AM: Nazim, have you been a painter all your life ?

    NA: I guess I was. It’s been a constant activity since I was a child. One day I grew up and I understood there are professional artists and a world called art. I started to gradually flow in that direction. It just happens. I knew it was a hard path but I was compelled and there was no choice. Of course I had other jobs in the mean time, everyone does. You have to pay the bills. For me, it’s my heart.

    AM: Your art has a spiritual quality to me.

    NA: I’m inspired by everything. I’m interested in where I’m at, both imaginatively and realistically. I observe the world around me and I think of esoteric influences. I have constant ideas and inspirations.

    AM: Your butterfly paintings are magnificent.

    NA: The butterflies have become our metaphor. When we met for the first time, it happened to coincide with the hubble telescope beaming back images from space of what was known as the butterfly nebula. So the butterfly nebula forms the crux of a lot of what I’ve been exploring since our meeting. When Celeste came to London, I took her to the Butterfly Sanctuary at the Natural History Museum and the butterflies all landed on her so naturally. She was covered in butterflies.

    AM: You’re very prolific. How do you paint so many works of art so beautifully?

    NA: You tune into the frequency and the rhythm of the form. It’s hard to explain. In terms of subject matter the animal theme very much developed by being here in California. It’s very different than being in London. I explored different subject matters there. The horses are from living here in the dessert of California.

    AM: Tell me about your big cat paintings.

    NA: The whole feline exploration is basically done for Celeste.

    AM: Celeste, I can see why you were cast as an untouchable Goddess type. You are so believable.

    CY: Bless your heart.

    AM: Your beauty is still intact. It hasn’t diminished at all.

    CY: You are so kind. I’ve had no botox or face lifts. I have a secret that goes back to our belief system. Back when I did a guest spot on ‘Bonanza’ I decided I needed a facial before filming since I had a few bucks then. The man giving me the facial told me I had the most beautiful bones he had ever seen on a human face. He said, “My dear, you will never age. You will never need a face lift. You will be tight skinned on these bones all your life.” That suggestion in a relaxed state of mind was so powerful. Today when I look in the mirror I can’t believe it. Of course I have a few lines, but I think to myself that I have a belief system that tells me I’m not going to age because I have tight skin over beautiful bones. (laughter) I’m convinced it’s the biology of one’s belief.

    NA: That’s why she has become an anti-aging specialist...naturally.

    AM: You are the right person for this job since you have aged naturally.

    NA: I think you have to reference the whole Miss Rheingold chapter in Celeste’s life. That was an iconic thing to be a part of in terms of what it set in motion for her career. It was a prototype for American Idol.

    CY: I was just a kid who would go to the market with my parents and I would see these big beautiful color photographs of these women and the ballet boxes where you could vote for the girl that you wanted to be Miss Rheingold.

    AM: What did Miss Rheingold get to do?

    CY: She would do all of the TV commercials and make personal appearances. It’s an east coast beer but they would come out to California to film commercials and do casting for the next year. They liked that California girl look. Back then there was quite a difference between California and New York girls. We rode in parades, we had billboards, we had ‘Harpers Bazaar’ and ‘Vogue’ double page ads. This contest went on for 25 years. It was style over substance. My year was the last elected year for Miss Rheingold. I garnered over 20 million votes!

    This is part one of the interview...part two will be posted nexy Monday, May 28th.

    To learn more about Celeste Yarnall and Nazim Artist please visit their web sites http://www.celesteyarnall.com/ and http://nazimartist.com/home.html





    By Christopher Brown

    As we all know, the internet has broadened our ability to meet and interact with people who normally would not be in our sphere of influence.  Via Facebook, I have come across an interesting artist from London whose work will undoubtedly leave an impression.  That’s not too surprising because in his own words this is his intent.  This self described artist and humanist has certainly developed a style that will tap into your imagination one way or the other.
        Nazim, yes this is a one name artist, was born in London in 1963.  Growing up in this “Dynamic Global Capital”, as Nazim describes it, had a powerful influence on him as a child that still continues to strongly influence his creative spirit and work today.  His earliest trainings in art began in 1981-1982, completing a course in Art and Design at Middlesex Polytechnic now internationally know as Middlesex University in North London.  In 1983, at twenty years of age, Nazim decided to further pursue his calling at the Winchester School of Art.  Here he studied the traditions, the work and the technique of some of the old European masters like Michelangelo and French sculptor, Rodin. He completed his studies in 1986 earning his Bachelor’s of Art degree with distinction from the institution.  London’s diverse cultural tapestry combined with its threads of global consciousness is the perfect quilt for this complex artist.
        As Nazim and I communicated back and forth via email, I could quickly tell he was an intellectual.  Nazim is a person that was very cerebral or “deep thinking” as he journeys through life, always making mental notes and observations about things many of us may miss while racing to keep up with technology.  When asked what his artistic philosophy was, his reply is as follows:

    “Being an artist and humanist, is one where creativity exists in the poetic realities that become apparent when engaged with the world at all levels of sensory perception.  Giving meaning, by the imagination in the form of a work of art that vibrates between intellect and emotion.”

    In simple terms, this artist’s work is going to strongly encourage you to think at the same time stimulate your imagination.  This “deep thought” is clearly found in his work by his use of symbols, symbolism and script.  A clear example of this is his Winged Figure Series, a graphite medium on paper.
    Like many classic masters, the human form is pillar in Nazim’s artistic vision. Knowing that the human form is a universal symbol, he uses it to connect with his audience and personally draw them into his work intellectually and emotionally.  In his more edgy work, he manages to boldly express the beauty and power of the human form while manipulating its natural shape and distorting its natural proportions.  Not always easy to do successfully.  By expressively articulating the body’s dramatic energy through poetic motion, the viewer’s imagination is released and the mind freed to make personal interpretations of the strong images before them.
    Nazim works in all types of media, graphite, acrylics, oils and mixed media.  Not all of his work is in color, many pieces are simply in black and white.  The strong graphic images are so impressive that the absence of color is sometimes better.  When he uses color it is intense which will leave a lasting mental image. 

    Nazim’s work has been published in the UK and has attracted the attention of other noted artist.  I am most impressed by his commissioned portraits of London’s Playwright, Director and Actor Steven Berkoff.  The intense emotion captured in the piece entitled, From Requiem for Ground Zero, is riveting! 

    Nazim Artist is married to noted actress/author Celeste Yarnall, they reside in Westlake Village, California.



    The Art of Wellness: Power Animals
    posted by Celeste Yarnall, Ph.D

    What if art were not just something to look at but could offer the viewer a healthful experience? What if you could decorate your home with art work that could also clean the ambient air in your home or office environment of mold, fungus, odors and bacteria? Is is possible to combine a visual art with a true holistic experience? The answer is yes as these concepts and more have been created by a noted British artist who has developed a never been done before glazing process that actually offers these qualities to those who live with his art.

    The Los Angeles debut exhibition, entitled Power Animals, by Nazim M. Nazim, the artist who has created this revolutionary concept, opens at a celebratory reception being held on September 2nd between 6 and 8 pm. The reception will be held at Barnsdall Gallery Theatre, which is located on the grounds of the Barnsdall Art Park, one of Los Angeles’ most beautiful art complexes. It sits on 11 acres in the Los Feliz/Hollywood area, in Southern California.

    This site was deeded to the city of Los Angeles in 1927 as a cultural art center. Today, it is home to the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Hollyhock House, the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Barnsdall Art Center, Junior Art Center, Barnsdall Gallery Theatre and a sculpture garden.

    Barnsdall Art Park is operated jointly by the City of Los Angeles’ Recreation and Parks Department, the Department of Cultural Affairs, and the Department of General Services.

    Nazim’s holistically glazed paintings are currently on view in the Barnsdall Gallery Theatre. They are truly in a class by themselves because of this unique glazing process which is a first in the world of contemporary art. The age old adage, “Beauty is as beauty does” truly applies to these works of art.

    Nazim’s paintings offer not just a visual experience to the viewer, but also a sensory vibration that alters the frequency around the paintings. This occurs because after Nazim’s application of his traditional art materials such as oils and acrylics, he includes a natural, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, GREEN compound of minerals in his final glaze. This glazing technique as the last step, on each painting, produces a continuous flow of far infra red (FIR) and healthy air anions or negatively charged ions (negative in this context produces a positive health benefit).

    These negative ions or anions as they are called, do indeed, actually clean the air of mold, pollen, fungi, bacteria, and odors. The anions may also help improve the viewers concentration and awareness plus create a feeling of well being which has been likened to stepping outside after a thunderstorm when the air is clean and fresh — much like being near the ocean or walking in a rain forest.

    Nazim’s passion for a healthy life style including, organic raw foods, exercise and multiple spiritual practices unites his love of contemporary art with his holistic paradigm. This new technology in painting resonates between the sensory worlds of art and holistic healing on a mind, body, spirit level.

    Viewers of Nazim’s art might just find themselves transformed visually by these energized artworks, be it in a gallery or in a private home.

    Drawing and painting have always been the fundamental elements to this London born artist. Nazim’s artistic vision throughout the years has been inspired by an array of themes that vary according to the compulsion driving him to create a given piece of art work.

    Nazim is an artist whose work is informed by the techniques of the old masters such as; Michelangelo, Rodin and Rubens. He conducts ongoing research within major museums and art galleries all over the world including: London’s Tate, National Galleries, British and Victoria and Albert Museums, Paris’ The Louvre, Muse D’Orsay, Muse Rodin, New York’s Metropolitan, Whitney, Guggenheim and Los Angeles’ LACMA and Getty Museums.

    Nazim was awarded AIR status by the Florence Trust in 1995. He earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree with Distinction from Winchester School of Art in 1983-86. His earliest training was in 1981-82, completing a foundation course in Art and Design at Middlesex Polytechnic, London, UK.

    Among the many themes which appeal to Nazim are myth, mysticism, and metaphysics which resonate with the subject matter of choice where Nazim can explore the visual harmonics which he as an artist can observe or imagine. His work visually captures the spirit and energy of the late 20th and early 21st century, by painting such subjects as mythology, wildlife, sports and performing arts. In the Nature Series, the Power Animals seem to have a human essence (a nod to Shamanic ritual and the poetic visions of such romantic mystics as Rumi, William Blake, Rilke, Octavio Paz and Ted Hughes). This unique glazing process seems to bring the subject matter even more to life and needs to be experienced in person to truly appreciate its unique holistic qualities.

    The “Power Animals” Art Exhibition at Barnsdall Art Center, Gallery Theatre opening reception is free and all those who will be in the Los Angeles area are most welcome to attend.

    Read more: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/the-art-of-wellness-power-animals.html#ixzz1b5nwkfer



    Nazim Artist and Celeste Yarnall Present
    The Art of Wellness Collection!

    The Holistic paradigm embraced by Nazim and Celeste in their practice has converged to bring a new technology in painting, that resonates between the sensory worlds of art and healing.

    In Nazim's original paintings, there is a natural, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, GREEN compound of minerals that produces a continuous flow of healthy air anions or negatively charged ions. Anions will clean the air of mold, pollen, fungi, bacteria, odors, etc. Anions will also help improve your concentration and awareness plus create a feeling of well being. It is like stepping outside after a thunderstorm when the air is so clean and fresh.

    This is what Nazim's glazing on the painting will do in a room. The viewer is transformed by these Energized Artworks, both visually and experientially.
    Nazim is available for private commissions which will include this new health giving glaze...the larger the canvas the better!