Portfolio > Anima Mundi Mer-Ka-Bah

'Ascension Rising'
Oil on Canvas
36" x 24" inches

This painting was conceived for the Ascension Rising Conference 2013 organized by GalacticU held in Sedona, Arizona. The painting forms part of a cycle of works exploring the motif of the Star Tetrahedron that forms a sacred geometric matrix inspired by the Mer (Light) Ka (Spirit) Ba (Body) meditation which evokes the fusion of energies between the Sun/Earth tetrahedron.

The heart matrix of the painting depicts the ascending male/female joined in sacred breath, held in place by the butterflies on their wrists. The Star Tetrahedron represented as a cloth of luminescence offers a floating sail, which the figures hold on to as they soar sky bound being hoisted by the winged angel (spirit bird). Upon the star in gold are the ancient symbols of the ‘Ankh’ expressing the frequencies of eternal life.
Coiled around their bodies a double helix of colors made up of the chakras accord the ‘quantum entanglement’ DNA as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet and indigo allude to the cosmic ‘heiros gamos’ of the love partners. The yin/yang symbols have been divided with each half a tattoo seen on the legs suggesting the sacred convergence.

The quartet of hummingbirds attest to the vibration and mystical velocity that sets the image into a paradigm shifting metamorphosis as the counter balancing silhouette of butterfly can be seen within its lunar orbit.