Portfolio > Femme - Women Healing The World

Oil on Canvas
48" x 60" inches

This painting is Inspired by the film documentary Femme: Women Healing the World the vision of Emmanuel Itier, produced by Celeste Yarnall and Nazim Artist. The image represents a symbolic evocation capturing the essence of the film. Its message of a holistic universal harmony between the genders, where a co-creative partnership is needed to heal the planet in all areas of human endeavour.

The circle of women with arms around each other dressed in uniform garb standing on the map of the world, form a powerful energetic field emitting a heart centric vortex. The heart shape above the figures are composed with the seven colors of the chakra's echoed in the colors of the each dress. The yin/yan symbols painted in gold and silver express the harmonic of opposites and form a relationship to the other elements on the garb. On the edges of the sleeves are symbols for chromosomes, representing our 'Light' nature (chakra bodies), whereas the hem and neckline have a double helix motif that flows around the figures suggestive of DNA strands found in chromosomes. The silver Butterflies tie into the concept of 'imaginal cells' found in the hearts of living matter and allude to the transformative potential of a state of 'onessness' and Love.

Flying around the circle of women are a series of white doves creating the impression of a circle within a circle. In the bottom center of the painting the Reiki Symbol of the Cho Ku Rei suggets the power of the healing Universe coverging within the spiral ripple effect of the composition. Two Scallop shells and two lotus flowers further enhance the metaphor of the eternal feminine.