Portfolio > Anima Mundi Mer-Ka-Bah

Entangled Infinities - Diptyich
Oil on panel
48' x 24" inches per panel

These works follow the conceptual patterns of the painting ‘Anima Mundi’ (Life Support). The Genesis being the Infinity symbol with its figure of eight motif and the shapes created by the Green Lipped Mussels (a bi-valve mollusk from New Zealand).
The entangled figures envisioned within an aquatic plane, evoke a kind of tango ballet and submerged choreography suspended in space by the white drapery. The green mussels that embellish the fabric generate an optical construct that flows according to the imagined serpentine of the Infinity Symbol. Other marine forms such as dolphins, sting ray and star fish add further symbolic value to the paintings.
The core figures derived from various impulses explored the tantric themes found in Ancient Alien codes in relation to the Annunaki codex. One can imagine the pairing of Tiamat and Adamu in this context, improvised within the transcendental nature of the composition. The mythic works of artists such as William Blake, Piero di Cosimo and Cornelius Van Haarlem were influencial.