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Mer - Ka - Ba Triptych
Oil on Canvas

Light Spirit Body is the expression of the Merkaba, an ancient though ever present expression of Ascension, a fusion of male/female dynamics given shape by the Star-Tetrahedron.

The Mer - Ka - Ba Triptych explores the notion of the male/female, yin/yang synthesis of cosmic energy . In the Left panel we see the male figure leaping into space suspended by drapes of cloth sail through space, embellished by ancient cosmic symbols. The focus of the circle with disc representing the male (Sun) appears in Gold, with the outer cloth where The Silver circle with crosses representing the female (Earth/Moon) adds to the harmonic flux. The right panel with the female figure in flight echoes the left panel, with the core focus being the crossed disc.

The center panel represents the convergence of the drapery forming the StarTetrahedron with the union of the male female. The figures further evoke the shape of the star with their limbs and ribbons of cloth that hold them within the binding greater circular cord. We can also note the Sun and Earth adding celestial presence to the cosmic dance. This manifestation of the Merkaba can also be found in the ‘Four Quartets” the poem by T. S. Eliot

“At the still point of the turning world. Neither flesh nor fleshless; Neither from nor towards; at the still point, there the dance is; But neither arrest nor movement”