Yoga, Medicine Wheel, Healing, Seascape, Symbolism, Figurative.
'Mermaid Medicine Wheel' (Vesica Piscis)
Oil on canvas
36" x 48"

This work entitled Mermaid Medicine Wheel (Vesica Piscis) belongs to the series of recent pictures created to symbolize Celeste's journey into the healing matrix of the Live Long & Prosper Universe.
Exploring elements of Yoga & Medicine Wheel sacred geometrics by setting the scene on the beach, alludes to the Immunotherapy cancer treatments that took place in the Grand Cayman islands, at the Perseus PCI clinic.
The Teal wrist band of the female figure in the foreground (doing the yoga mermaid pose), is inscribed with PERSEUS, teal being the chosen color of ovarian cancer awareness. The Green bracelet derived from tree nuts adds to the Caribbean nature of the image, as we note the Grand Cayman shaped clouds in the sky between the Perseus and nut bracelet.
Both figures are located within the interlocking pearl circles that form the 'vesica piscis' symbol, further echoed by the necklace worn by the Mermaid Celeste, along with the pearl head band with the silver mermaid. The sacred sign of the 'vesica piscis' denotes Goddess Worship apparent to the personal context of the picture. The Starfish embellished swim suit of the woman reveals the 'heiros gammos' aspect of the union between the male/female harmonic, as suggested by the inter-connectivity of the circles, a manifestation of the pearl that occupies the open oyster shell.
The cobra yoga pose of the male figure evokes the transformative struggle through challenge into awakened potential, by shedding its skin the serpent is reborn which powerfully captures the energy of the new life that comes in the wake of surviving an ordeal like cancer. The OM symbol on the wrist band of the male figure carries the eternal resonance of universal oneness.
The magical presence of the 'love' unicorn offers a multi-dimensional element that elevates the syntax of the painting according to the alchemic nature of the artwork.