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Dancing Figure, Elation, Rapture, Wearable Art.
Elation (Protecting Flutter)
Oil on canvas
30" x 40"

"A Power of Butterfly must be. The Aptitude to Fly. Meadow of Majesty concedes. And easy sweeps of sky" Emily Dickinson.
The figure leaping into air with her garb fluttering like a butterfly, is a refection of the artist's muse Celeste Yarnall and her state of Grace, of being in remission from ovarian cancer and having a new hip. To coincide with the 2 year anniversary of the diagnosis on Thanksgiving, the image is an expression to life's surging Glory in mindfulness. The bright yellow Reiki symbol within the green fabric of the 'sei he ki', is seen as a protective symbol from negative vibrations towards harmonic positive energies between Earth & Sky. The blue 'nazar' butterflies also add to the protective symbolism of the image.
The painting also evokes the wearable art collections by Nazim Artist & Celeste Yarnall. Transforming artworks into designer apparel which can be seen in the VIDA collections of Nazim & Celeste.