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Grief Healing
Heart 2 Heart - The Ruptured Rapture
Charcoal & chalk on paper
32" x 23" inches

Heart 2 Heart - The Ruptured Rapture

This work is the first to give shape to my Grief, since my Beloved Queen Celeste Yarnall ascended to Heaven October 2018.....the impact of her loss reverberates deeply within my being. As I begin the Labyrinth walk into a new paradigm, and redefine the reality of the matter that matters, my salvation will always be the blessing of Art.

Now on this 2019 New Pink Full Moon Easter rebirth of Nature exploding within the quantum multiverse, affirms creative confidence with a Celestial illumination.

Taking pause within the sifting, separating the chaff from the wheat to evaluate the existential reckoning....I felt compelled to honor the primal urge to visualize the state of my psyche the best I know how, in the catharsis of an expressive plastic act, the alchemy of transforming a medium made of earth, using charcoal & chalk to make a mark in time and space.

I’ve called this drawing ‘Heart 2 Heart’ - ‘The Ruptured Rapture’. The notion of heart to heart was birthed between Celeste & I, as a reflection of our mantra that Art is Heart and Heart is Love. This formed our “biology of belief” (to quote the new age thinker & geneticist Bruce Lipton). The symbol between the feet of the winged figure at the center of the labyrinth represents our heart to heart icon.

The shape of the heart recurs throughout the drawing echoed within the pictorial field activating the energy of universal consciousness open to interpretation by the viewer to find the healing codes that resonate.

Celestial illumination is now core to the ‘imaginal cells’ active within the metamorphosis of my perpetual revelation and becoming.