Yoga, Medicine Wheel, Healing, Symbolism, Figurative.
'Attuned'(Embryo in The Womb)
Oil on canvas
30" x 24" inches


Oil on canvas - 30” x 24” inches

“We are slowed down Sound & Light waves.
A walking bundle of frequencies tuned into the cosmos.
We are souls dressed up in scared bio-mechanical garments
Our bodies are instruments through which our Souls
Play their Music”

‘Attuned’ represents an awakening to a new paradigm shift within the interior landscape of my universe.

An experience with a ‘yogi healer’ whose practice of a combined yoga frequency medicine, had a profound effect in readjusting my psyche through the body portal to tap into the spiritual heart trauma caused by the profound loss of my Beloved Queen Celeste.

The painting evokes the state of sensing one’s DNA being re-aligned with the universal Life Force (OM, KI, Chi, Source, et al..). The ‘Rebirthing’ of one’s nature as a vessel of ‘Light’, Vibration & Frequency.

Using the ‘Embryo in the Womb’ yoga pose as a reference, the healing experience employed a set of four crystal tuning forks, used as a conduit to access the energetic electro magnetic currents resonating between the heart matrix & the quantum fields of the micro/macro harmonics of consciousness.

The scared geometry of the Vesica Piscis formed by the intersection of two circles, called the ‘mandorla’ (almond shaped oval) represents the ‘yoni’ portal of creation into physical manifestation. The depiction of eggs about to hatch further amplify the ‘birthing’ theme that resounds through the composition of the artwork.

In the ‘healing’ that was received, the idea of the ‘medicine wheel’ that formed the basis of my ‘Yoga Medicine Wheel’ series of paintings, seemed to echo through the painting as a natural extension to the self healing journey we all must travel as the ‘Wounded Healers’ and ‘Light emissaries’ that we are.