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Pomegranate Rapture
Pomegranate Rapture
Acrylic on canvas
39" x 55" inches

Pomegranate Rapture
Acrylic on Canvas - 39" x 55" inches

O’ Pomegranate Of Love!
Iridescent Aphrodite
How Ecstatic your Arrival
Radiant Autumnal meteor
Saturated with Hidden treasure
Bejeweled Stellar Fractal
Your Heart so full it must Rupture
How else can we taste
The blood of your Rapture?
Your Rich Red Rubies
Shimmer in Crimson Wonder
Terrestrial Revolutions
A Goddess Belly dancer
Mysterious Sacred Robust
Beyond Sweet is your Tremor
Nourishing our cells
With Healing Erotic Splendor