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'Pom Bomb'
'Pom Bomb'
Acrylic on canvas
100 cm Diameter

Pomegranate Nebula (Pom Bomb)

So full is your Soul
A Grenade of Love
Bound to Explode
Scattering your Orgasmic load.

Rapture from Rupture
Your Crimson plasma
Erupts to Nurture
Sweet & Tart
The Healing Elixir
Flows from your Broken Heart.

Falling you Rise
Through the Rainbow
Prism of Delight
Each Ruby Revelation
A Seed made of Light.

One Shimmering
An Orb Galaxy
Your fractal Body
Uniquely infused with the Many.
Ripened Erotic Splendor
Bursting to Manifest
The Pomegranate Nebula